American Kids English Nursery School Philosophy (Education and Childcare)


American Kids English Nursery School 
Philosophy (Education and Childcare)

In 2019, both Toda and Shiki became community-based small-scale licensed nursery schools under the Child Rearing Support Act.

The predecessor was operated as a home nursery room. The parent organization is an international school (currently ME Montessori International Preschool).

The concept is the same now as it was in the past, “the school you want your child to attend.” The school, which incorporates a variety of education so that children with potential can bear fruit in the future, has now expanded to 7 childcare facilities + rehabilitation facilities, and graduates many children every year.

Two schools specializing in 0, 1, and 2-year-olds that were born based on such schools are “American Kids English Nursery School Toda Honchoen” and “American Kids English Nursery School Shiki Honchoen”.

Children with potential need a global education with an eye on the world. I want you to cultivate a spirit that accepts different cultures, a mind that has a broad perspective, and a global and rich mind that does not have any barriers. With this in mind, we are focusing on English education with the theme of “English that is fun to sing and dance from 0-year-olds.”

In addition, the reason why American Kids English Nursery School incorporates a wealth of events is because we believe that experiential education is what nurtures children’s minds.

In order for children to develop a sense of affirmation, develop their individuality, and become independent, all of our staff will continue to pour a lot of love into them and bring out their smiles. Thank you very much.

Educational Policy

American Kids English Nursery School

  • Educational Policy01
    We strive to develop children’s carefree mind.
  • Educational Policy02
    We will cultivate a kind heart with compassion.
  • Educational Policy03
    We provide childcare that allows children to come into contact with nature, come into contact with living creatures, and realize the preciousness and wonder of life.
  • Educational Policy04
    We will raise children who can say hello.
  • Educational Policy05
    We will cultivate a global and prosperous mind without prejudice.
    (At American Kids English Nursery School, we watch over your child’s growth with the warmth of our family.)